Blissing out on bliss balls….


I was late boarding the bliss ball train but I’m staying on it because they are amazing!! I only recently came across the bliss ball phenomenon when searching for healthy nut-free snacks for my kids’ lunch boxes. Through trial and error I have made my own tasty versions with two flavours so far: Seedy Chocolately and Oat & Goji Berry Bliss Balls. The kids wanted to taste test and gave them a big thumbs up. They are full of coconutty (that’s a word right?) deliciousness and high in fibre and protein, have no added sugar (if you use sultanas as a sweetener), are dairy free and little do my kids know – good for you too! The Seedy Chocolately Bliss Balls are also gluten free and both are wheat free.

I use raw cacao because well, firstly who needs an excuse to eat chocolate, and it is a healthier choice than dark, milk and white chocolate (although dark chocolate is a much better choice than the other two).  Cacao comes from cold-pressed Theobroma cacao tree beans that has been minimally processed so holds onto more of its goodness. It is naturally dairy-free, free of added sugar, and is high in magnesium, phosphorus and polyphenols. Polyphenols have shown some heart-healthy benefits – because of their effects on relaxing blood vessels and on clot formation. They also may have antioxidant activity such as decreasing LDL (bad) cholesterol concentrations in the blood.

These bliss balls are packed full of fibre care of the seeds and dates so are great for your digestive and heart health, and very filling.

20160622_105931222_iOS 1.jpg

Miss 7 helped roll them and coat them in coconut. She is fussy with food so I find this a great way to get her to try new things. Getting your kids involved in preparing and cooking food (age-appropriately of course!) where they can smell, feel and taste the food can assist in getting through that fussy stage.

I have a thermo cooker (similar to a Thermomix) so blended my ingredients in that but you can also use a food processor. An appliance that is strong enough to break down the fibres and seeds and mix through really well is an absolute necessity for making bliss balls. The preparation is so quick and easy, just throw all the ingredients in and then roll and (optional) coat in more coconut. There are so many combinations of flavours you can try so experiment at home.

So without further ado, check out my recipes for:

20160623_035637000_iOS     Seedy Chocolatey Bliss Balls

20160623_035300000_iOS     Oat & Goji Berry Bliss Balls


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